Cruisin’ for Diversity

This module is all about marketing diversity on the web and other media to present an inclusive theme to the public. Racists and homophobes hate this module. That?s a strong endorsement in itself. Consider the perspective of the immigrant, the person of color or age, people with disabilities, seniors and the GLBT community. These are all markets that have not been developed by the majority of the real estate industry. Effective marketing to minority groups cannot occur unless the perspective is comprehended. As Steven Covey says, “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” Aggressive marketing strategies are offered with specific suggestions and formats for marketing inclusively. For example, do marketing materials appeal to both high context and low context people? It?s about respect. NAR designation artwork is included on the CD but may be used only by those accredited to use them.

All documents are included on this CD in Word, WordPerfect, JPEG and PDF format.

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