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Policies and Procedures for the Real Estate Brokerage

Diverse group of business people looking up toward cameraThis is the best policy manual for a real estate brokerage that is available at any cost. Why pay $300 when this product is clearly more comprehensive and superior to its competition! Hundreds, if not thousands, of brokerages across the country have implemented this set of guidelines. Thirty-five years of real estate brokerage expertise and hundreds of hours of work generated this fine product. One of the few policy manuals that includes an Internet policy, this document is constantly brought up to date as brokerage practices and policies are constantly examined. Compliant for use in most states, this latest version is Florida specific reflecting Chapter 475, Florida Statutes, but may be easily edited for use in any state. Don’t reinvent the wheel.



HandshakeBad management is the primary reason a real estate brokerage fails. Do you think you know how to manage a real estate office profitably? It deal with issues such as hiring and firing managers, whether to create or purchase an existing office, advanced ratio analysis so a manager can determine who gets an incoming referral, put together an effective contest and so many other practical guidelines for handling daily brokerage operations.

There’s some hard-hitting advice here. Serious managers and company owners use this module because of the common-sense approach to profitability. It provides many objective guidelines to measure profitability from many perspectives.